Answered By: Kathleen Zamietra
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When printing from a wireless device you will need to access Papercut Web Print.  You will be able to connect to any printer on campus based on your current location.

  1. Access Papercut Web Print:
  2. Use your DeSales username and password to log in (example username: zq9880)
  3. Go to Web Print à submit a job
  4. Select a Printer:    Trexler    This will find all three printers available at Trexler Library.  Select the one nearest to you (Helpful Tip:  2nd Floor printer is not used as frequently.)
  5.  Options – Change copies if you need more than 1 copy
  6. You may either drag files or Upload from your computer. 

  7. When done uploading document (s) select Upload &Complete.   This will send your document to a queue.  Before the document will be printed, you will need to log into the printer to release your document.

  8. Go the Release Printer where you sent the print job.  Use the same DeSales credentials at the Release Printer to release your print job

Attached is a handout for your to print or save to your laptop for future reference.

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